Monday, October 15, 2018


Have you ever look forward to an opportunity to make one of those pattern you have in the stash?  I have always thought about this pattern and why i needed to make it and wear it.

Here is one of those moments i needed to do this for myself. The little Black Dress (LBD) challenge by sew much Talent Group was just right for it. My first thought was the pattern choice as well as the fabric. Does the LBD means i have to go for a black fabric? I took a photograph of my fabric and contacted one of the group administrators. She gave me a go ahead and i said to myself  its time to work this out.

I prewashed my fabric and cut out the pieces needed for View A of the pattern. I realised no piece would be place on the fold. All pattern pieces are cut out on one flat surface which is the right side of fabrics take note. Then, i went ahead with the fabric cutting on only the right side of fabric

I cut out size Eighteen (18) because that match up with my size on the bust, waist and hip. I basted the pieces together and tested it, the fit was not what i wanted then i did more adjustment. Instead of sewing the dress on 5/8, i used one inch (1'')  on each pieces with the exemption of side seam which i joined using 5/8. Then, i wore it and knew this was it.

The pattern called for lining but because of the fabric type Neoprene, i drafted the facing and it worked great on the dress. I also added piping to the neckline and it was a bonus on the dress.  The zipper placed on the side and the dress was ready

Here is the end product of #B4343 pattern pieces put together

I hope you enjoy reaing the making of #B4343 and thanks for stopping by!!!

Always Remember: Life is too short to wear ugly clothes

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Simplicity 8291 Pattern

Hello Darlings

Its been a while i write about anything due to some personal reason depriving me from sewing or crafting.Dealing with Fibroid is not funny because different days has its own stone to throw at you if you have dealt with it before or dealing with it you would understand the pains. That pain that make you want to lay down in your bed all day. It is very depressing. Respect to those women dealing with fibroid just like me..

Well, in the midst of troubles there are  always things that make you smile for me attending conventions are one of the many. So I have an event to attend but what do i wear? Guess what husband said; you have not made any Mimi G pattern lately hahahaa. Then i picked up this Simplicity Pattern 8291 Mimi G Style Misses'/Women's Knit Dress and #S8558 View A.  I had other patterns in mind but when hubby picked Mimi G style I decided to go for this maxi dress using this Senzo African Print DTY Brushed fabric from

I prep my fabric and cut out the pattern pieces needed which were  only 4 pieces on the view C. I took three inches (3") away from the bottom dress because I do not want to trip over while wearing it lol.. The 3'' removal was done before placing the pattern  tissue on the fabric

Joining this pattern together to create this gorgeous look was  easier than I thought. I made this dress without using the pattern instruction and it came out perfect..

I make sure I cut out the following pieces on fabric with right sides facing up 1,2 and 3 you will notice why thst is important when you use different colors of fabrics

The neckline called for bias tape but I did not use it. I basted half inch (1/2") and  press. Then, use twin needle all through the neckline and the armholes before sewing the side seams

I actually wore it today and had fun wearing this dress. It is very flowing and highlight my waist line. I will be making second look soon and it will be the color block style.

I am signing off for now and going to rest. Tomorrow is another day and thanks for stopping by!

Always remember that life is too short to wear ugly Clothes


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

V1579 Hacked

Hello friends,  i hope you are having a wonderful week. My last week was enjoyable as i went to feast on a special food prepared by Jehovah the almighty God.  While thinking about what dress to wear to this special occasion the Duchess wore this fantastic dress which i love so much and i decided to recreate it using Vogue pattern.

In between caring for my mom and my step daughter visit as well as other activities I decided to hack Vogue Pattern  V1579 MISSES PETITE DRESS. I read through the instructions and decided to use the fabric I have in stash.

The instructions on this pattern is nothing different from  the instructions on other patterns i have used. But to create the couture outfit by Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex gave me a little chill because the details are on the Cape.

Dressmakers do a lot of critical thinking because dressmaking is not just cutting into fabric and joining seams.We picture the look and see the details in our mind eyes. But i have to make it work so i started my search on Pinterest for vintage Cape and found this Capelet by burdastyle. and made a print out of the free pattern. Center front was straightened with no curves and it was cut out placed on fold.

 Unfortunately, pattern printed was smaller in size but i graded it and redrafted the neckline to fit the dress. I also lengthened the cape to my desired length. The whole dress called for lining but for the cape i used black crepe back satin in stash. I ensured the lining was cut  longer than the outer cape hence after sewing i had a black line that looked like piping on my dress. That was to beautify the
dress and t actually worked the way i envisaged.  

To get the squared shoulder to i used Pellon 808 Heavyweight Fusible Interfacing at the shoulder and that stabilized it. 

The hard part of making this dress was the instruction on joining the neck to the bodies. The instruction gave me a long rope to drag. It was so confusing but after spending hours i made it my own way. 

 At the wrong side of dress i placed the right side of cape, pinned the four layers together and sew through all thickness leaving the seam to the right side of dress and used my serger on the seam outside. Then, i  pulled the cape out and it fell right over the shoulder just the way it should be. I inserted the zipper on the side of dress and it was ready to press and wear.....

Hope you enjoy reading this post Until next time Happy Sewing. XoXo

Always Remember:  Life is too short to wear ugly clothes

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mccalls #M7531

Hello Folks Let us talk MCcall's Pattern  #M7531

I love this pattern as much as i love to sew because I could do a lot with it. It has only four parts to it which are, the front Bodice which is cut on fold and the back bodice cut into two pieces and then the  sleeve which can either be lengthened or shortened

 The front bodice work out well but the back after sewing do have some gaps that does not align with my body but I took in part of the waist region through the bust that gave the dress a good fit and gave me that curvy and nice fit i always want  in my dress style.

I made the longer sleeve and used iron-on adhesive tape i purchased from on the hem. I love using adhesive tape as well as twin needle for top-stitching but on this fabric the Iron-on adhesive worked out perfectly without top-stitching.

I used the fabric left over for head wrap to accentuate the look.

The pattern is every beginner sewer friendly and I will love to see what you made using my techniques

Pattern: #M7531
Pearl: Gifted

Thanks for reading my post.....XOXO